This is blatant product placement but if you do any kind of sticking in your house you need one of these.

TOMBOW Mono Permanent Adhesive in a handy roller thingy.

The tape is double sided so you just roll it on and stick stuff together. Miss Amoo has been making rosettes and her own kind of stickers with it. She puts sticky strips on the back of her creation then covers them with a piece of plastic film cut off a wrapper then gives them as gifts to her brothers and sister to stick on whatever takes their fancy.

It is also good for those envelopes that you need to make because a small person has used the perfectly- sized envelope that came with the birthday card you bought for Auntie Liz.

In other news: we went to town today. We had found a WHSmith gift card in a pile of tat at home which miraculously had £10 still on it so we went in there and bought two comics and now only have £4 something left. We scored a paint set, a gardening book and two retro pillowcases for a total of £2 in the charity shop where we also dropped off a bag of stuff that had been waiting to escape from the house for a good month or so. Onward to the fabric shop to find a remnant for some summer trews for Miss Amoo and some brown slub fabric for trews for me. Then to Boots to find that they hadn’t received my prescription from the doctors. Not unusual but still irritating. Lastly into Waitrose to see if they had Miss Froo’s bag which she left there last week. After a small quiz given by the lady behind the customer service counter she was rewarded with her own property. A blue denim bag containing a pink purse containing “a lot of money” (in coppers)

So everyone was happy and we don’t have to go to town again until we go again to get a zip for the trousers and pick the prescription which should be there tomorrow or Saturday if I am not too rude to the receptionist a the doctors…


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