I learned another new thing

I was roaming around the world wide web last night searching for a solution to what may be impending 206×13 needle woe and found this lovely lady showed me something new

It turns out that I have been doing something the hard way when I already have a tool that will do it the easy way. How often does that happen? Not never ever never in this house.

That little bias tape foot with the trumpety bit on it can make binding from an inch wide piece of fabric without me needing to do anything to the fabric strip first. Well blow me up and stick me down I think I’ll change my name to Brown. (A la Teddy Robinson story tape, not Gordon)

You can buy bias tape from fabric shops but lots of crazy people sewists make their own tape from fabrics that they like. I have been making it and folding it by means of a neat little trick with a pin, an iron and an ironing board. Click here if you are intrigued or don’t if you aren’t.

Much as I love that trick I don’t ever need to risk steaming my fingernails off again! Look at this

Very badly matched fabrics but it was what I had to hand at 2am when I discovered this new, wondrous way. Mismatched thread is also a no-no but never mind. And no iron in sight!

Now I need to get on with sewing some summer trousers for Miss Amoo and some long-ish sleeved tops for Miss Froo now the warmer weather is here. More sewing, less talking and reading about sewing.


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