Are lists the answer?

I have a mental list of things to do (as in a list in my mind) and a paper and pen list of things to do both of which are two weeks old and still not done.

Two of the mental list items are
1 To order new compression stockings as my black ones are losing their power and don’t look good with bare legs!

[I have a blood clotting disorder called Protein S Deficiency and I had a DVT in 2003 which has damaged the valves in the biggest fattest vein in my left leg. As a result, blood goes down there but doesn’t come back up very well and only wearing compression stockings helps keep pain at bay and stop stupid swelling of my foot. I wear a black stocking in winter and a beige one in summer]

And 2 To ring the evil orthodontist and get them to release EL Famosisimo’s x rays and moulds.

One requires the writing of a cheque and the other requires a tricky phone call then a face to face with an evil receptionist. Too Hard.

The other written list is stuff that needs doing for the hungry monster BlueDoor. Not everyday stuff but stuff that needs doing like improving our website and web advertising but that just doesn’t get done because the everyday stuff is so time consuming. Thank goodness it is possible to blog at 2am cos otherwise that too would get lost with all the other things I can’t get done after 5pm.

In lieu of actually getting the things on the list done, I have been doing some sewing. So far Miss Amoo has one new re-fashioned top and a pair of summer trousers. Pics to follow when I can find what she has done with them….

And now they move the clocks an hour forward which means that morning comes round sooner?!?

I need to lie down


6 Comments to “Are lists the answer?”

  1. I love the little person taking power nap!!

  2. Lists are the answer. But they are also part of the problem.

    Although you get the satisfaction of ticking off the list as you complete the tasks (and I am a satisfaction-through-ticking-off-lists sort of person), for every thing you tick off there is always something extra – usually many somethings – to add on to the bottom of the list.

    It is The Infinite List.

    And the only solution to that is death (not very appealing) or to not keep lists.

    And I’ve been wondering…why do we only put unpleasant things – the things we don’t want to do, but feel obliged to – on lists?


    Sorry – still haven’t worked out the different coloured type bit that you can press and get directly on the site but this was an interesting thing about great list-makers of our time.

    I love lists. Cannot do a thing without one. Cannot seem to do a thing on one.

  4. Ooh – it DID come up a different colour and it works! I just cut and pasted this from an email my hub had sent me and I am now overwhelmed with technosmugness!

    Yeay me!

    • I like that! Trying to control a chaotic life? Indeed I am. But still failing. Still no compression stockings ordered and still no contact with the orthodontists….not even blogging about it helps. Ha Ha.

  5. Whooo yeah! Great article.

    It’s like the thrill you get when you spend days and days constructing a really beautiful exam revision timetable…or a home educating ‘wish list’ of things you are going to do with the kids…someday…

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