What the heck happened to excitement?

Well it seems me crafty creative blog has got a bit less crafty.

Life has been less crafty of late and some crabbiness which cannot be assuaged by eating very dark chocolate very slowly and sipping Bombay Sapphire, has crept in.

My joy at finding that I can skate was tempered by Friday morning by the realisation that I felt this way about the skating because I can’t remember the last time I learned anything truly new which led to giddy excitement. Yikes. What has gone wrong?

My every day is more of the same and if I learn anything new it is in a functional way which makes something I already do, a little bit easier.

Maybe it is the stupidly long winter? Maybe I have got into bad rut of my own making?

Well, today is the Vernal Equinox so perhaps now is the time for a kick up the bum.

I will sew some spring clothes for Miss Amoo to replace the ones she is growing out of.
I will prepare my pots for planting out the seed potatoes I bought last week.
I will sew myself another pair of trousers for my spring ‘uniform
Perhaps I should try sailing a little boat up and down the Thames on a Sunday morning instead of just watching J do it?
I have another tut up my sleeve which I will get together soon too.
Oh and the equinox means that it is time to defrost the freezer.


3 Comments to “What the heck happened to excitement?”

  1. Cool! That sounds like a manifesto of which to be very proud. To me this is a wild and crazy dream!

    Today I hoovered around my old pottery pieces on my high up shelf. That was the closest I have been to crafty creativity (albeit from about 11 or 12 years ago) I have been – since reigniting (after about 2 years) my papier mache tree construction during the blizzards of last Xmas. IT is STILL sitting on the stereo looking crappier and crappier everyday. My ‘for my’ scrapbook pile/wodge/sculpture is nearly at the ceiling. My notebooks all about the children have been in stasis since about 2003. My grand ‘2 Year Plan’ series of self-illustrated books is still …….. a plan. My Tutenkhamen knitted cushion cover may as well be buried in Egypt somewhere. Along with my ‘Earth Goddess’ sewing sculpture. Etc etc etc…….

    But I did manage to sort of reorganise a big carry-all and an old portfolio of photo folders and notebooks from a previous life into one zipped up thing. Couldn’t help looking through all the old stuff too. Thought it might inspire me to recall the creative beast I once was. Sadly, just realised how mediocre (polite word) I always was.

    I’ll just get back to the washing.

  2. Will second the ‘stupidly long winter’. I’m sure Spring has a slow puncture: I can feel the quiet hiss of enthusiasm leaking out.

    Usually by now I have a greenhouse full of trays and pots and bulbs and seeds and overambitious dreams of self-sufficiency. Instead this year I have a few pots of dead things from last year, and a few trays of compost that dd sprinkled something in a few weeks back (probably sequins). And so disillusioned with the prospect of growing stuff I’ve even given one of my allotment plots – the ‘over my dead body are you having this’ plot – back to the weed police.

    But I have been knitting socks. Third pair in a month. There’s obviously something I’m avoiding doing.

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