I can skate!

I never thought I would type those words. I have no photo evidence but there were witnesses.

As a kid I lived in Southampton which had an ice rink and never went; when our family moved to Portsmouth people went to the ice rink in Southampton for birthday parties but not the ones I was invited to. Mexico doesn’t have many ice rinks especially on the Caribbean coast where I lived so I never skated there either.

Finally after over a decade of living in, or not far from Oxford I went skating for the first time in February for Miss Amoo’s birthday treat. It was an adventure for all three of us: me, her and J who came with us as it had been his birthday month too.

What an adventure! Miss Amoo and I couldn’t let go of the wall and when we did try to, we fell over. J was more bold than us but no more successful. We came home bruised and laughing but admitted that it might not have been the best way to spend an afternoon together. My fall left me spending the following fortnight doing all the rotational exercises I know to ease the tightness in my upper spine caused by falling on my backside.

Anyhow we set off today to try again with the home ed group that meets at the Oxford Rink on a Thursday. We have never been because it starts before midday which is traditionally impossible for us. A new going to bed routine involving all of us going to bed at 10pm has successfully shifted Miss Froo’s waking time to a more reasonable 9am from 11am.

Wow. What an amazing morning. I started off apprehensively but after a few tips: “Nose over toes” and “Bend at the knees if you feel a wobble coming on” had me skating round at way more than arm’s length from the wall and able to chat to a fellow skater at the same time! Miss Amoo skated happily between two bigger friends then skated by herself and even Miss Froo in her tiny size 7 skates managed to get going too.

By the time the clock struck noon and it was time to go I felt like I just wanted to keep skating. I haven’t felt like this about anything for years: I have tried something new and feel that I want to keep doing it to get better at it. I came home buzzing and can’t wait until next time.


4 Comments to “I can skate!”

  1. Yes I can honestly say that I witnessed you skating.

    Both feet moving, across the ice.

    And looking very chuffed (in between the face-as white-as-a-sheet-god-this-is-scary moments).

  2. Well now you’re not living in the vampire hours (out the house before midday – yikes!) that could all change 🙂

    • I am still living in the vampire hours though which results in that well known condition called “burning the candle at both ends” Come to the pub on Monday night and you will see the effect this has on my paleness…..

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