Long Day

Yesterday was Thursday and a strange thing happened. All four children of the family and I were out, in public, in full view of other home educators at 10.45am. I was seen at 10.35am at the cashpoint at Tesco too and also by our neighbour as we got into the car at 10.20am.

This may not seem unusual to you but in our life this is a seriously early start. The reason for this madness was a talk by Dr Mike Leahy the guy who grew his own tapeworm. The boys went to the talk and learned quite a few things that they could have lived without knowing but are now intrigued about.

Now it is 00.48 by my ‘puter clock and tomorrow is another early start. The neighbours will faint when they see us getting into the car at 9am.

Another unusual thing about today was that our living room floor was clear of paper, pens, dollies, coats, socks, shoes, play food, real food and all the other tat that gets left on it. Odd but strangely good.


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