Uh oh…that hot smell was the monitor

I’ve been smelling a kind of hot electrical smell for a couple of days which wasn’t coming from the PC case or the laser printer. Turns out that was the sign that the monitor was getting fed up of being on 12+ hours a day. The screen went black in the middle of making some online payments. Aargh!

We live in a small town where I find that more often than not, I can’t buy the thing I need, when I need it unless I go to Tesco. I hate going to our Tesco Extra for a number of very good reasons ranging from the lighting to the price of their goods which as El Famosisimo has noted leave the person who made it almost certainly at the bottom of the financial heap. The only two places to get a monitor at 4pm were Argos and Tesco but due to my Tesco disregard thing, that thought didn’t occur to me.

After checking stock online with the boys’ laptop we set off to Didcot because yes, once again, I cannot get the thing I want in Abingdon. This small odyssey meant that we bumped into a friend who lives out that way which is the kind of bonus that makes odd journeys worthwhile.

So now I am looking at an 18.5 inch widescreen LG monitor and I feel like I’ve stretched my eyes out. Our tv is old and square-ish and so was the old monitor so this rectangular thing is odd. It is so odd that I don’t think it can be a golden rectangle. Hang on while I will measure it and find out.

41 divided by 23 is 1.783. Mmm I didn’t think so.

If you want to find out more about golden rectangles and the Fibonacci sequence have a look here scroll down to the coloured squares. If you start measuring things in your house like windows, doors and books it won’t take you long to find a golden rectangle.

And here is what you can do with the monitor box: make it a grape dispenser with the help of a piece of sticky tape. Photos ‘golden rectangled with Picnik (555 x 342 pixels) but probably distorted by your monitor settings……

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