Hemmed in

Thank you for your name suggestions. I have googled all sorts of combinations including yours and would you believe that most of them are already the names of one product or other or very similar to others. The sling world is obsessed with snugness and snuggliness!

I am still at a loss. What about The BabyWarmer?

Aside from these name thoughts, this week has brought a glimpse of spring which then disappeared all too soon. The cold weather, the chilblains on my toes, the dampness and gloominess; work being too busy; the government tarring home educators with the abuse brush once again and the lack of open space beyond my kitchen window are leaving me feeling hemmed in at the moment.

When I stand at my sink and look to the left of the house directly behind ours which always has its wooden blinds down (so as not to see our house, I think) I see a the branches of trees whose trunks are out of sight behind fences and the house further to the left.

Even when you feel that your mind is being squeezed by so many real and imagined pressures there is always a chance that if you cock your head at the right moment you might catch sight of something pretty through an unexpected gap.

The trees are bare at the moment and the other evening
I saw a beautiful sunset through them.

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