A Sale! Babywearing in winter just got warmer

Not me buying things in the sales but me making a sale!

I have designed a fleece cover to keep little people warm when they are being carried in a soft structured carrier like a Patapum or mei tai or Ergo or even in a wrap.

Despite this being obviously a winter-based item I have spent most of the winter thinking about how to sew it whilst lying in bed not sleeping. I ordered the shock cord elastic and toggles. Then I ordered the fleece and the delivery took a fortnight due to the snow and our slightly steep road not being very accessible to trucks making deliveries.

At last the fleece arrived and I was afraid to cut into it in case my mind had played tricks on me and my idea didn’t work. I babysat for a friend whose children go to bed and sleep unlike mine and set to transferring the pattern from my head to a piece of packing plastic with a Sharpie. I managed to cut and sew one cover that night then and added the hardware the next day.

I had a top model for my promo pics: a battered old tailors dummy that I bought for a pound at a car boot sale last year got dressed up in one of my shirts and I modelled the cover on her with our biggest plastic baby doll tucked into the carrier.

This week I sold my first cover! The buyer wanted one in chocolate brown to match her brand new chocolate brown Patapum. I couldn’t believe it! This has given me a real boost.

Here’s a pic – if you have a friend with a chilly babe do point them in the direction of my Folksy shop also called Orange and Green.

I can’t really think of a snappy name for the cover. Can you think of one to add to the hat?


3 Responses to “A Sale! Babywearing in winter just got warmer”

  1. Wrap ‘n’ Carry • CarryWrap • CarryCover • SlingWrap • Sling Snug • Snuggle Sling • Sling Snuggle • Sling Cosy • Carry Cosy • Cosy Carry • Baby Sling Warmth Enhancer!

    Looks good!

  2. ooh, it’s like those waterproof covers you can get for your rucksacks (except of course it’s not waterproof – though I suppose that could be your next project!).

    Names –
    slug wrap
    creature cover
    snuggle snood
    slumber rug
    cocoon cosy
    bug bundle

    ok, so I’m cr*p at thinking of names. I just keep thinking of snug as a bug, so everything is bug-related. Probably not a good selling point.


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