Should that be one word or two bits separated by a hyphen? Re-yoos or re-youze? Noun vs Verb?

Who knows. Anyway I knitted a pair of legwarmers for Miss Froo when she was very little and we ECd. Her bum was bare but her feet were warm-ish in wool booties and her legs were warm in legwarmers which sometimes got weed on if we missed a catch.

I have been loath to dispose of these little leggies as we called them. Partly because I knitted them and it was the first time I had used such fine yarn and the first time I had sewn rib and partly because I have problems throwing things away. I couldn’t think of anyone who I could give these to without them thinking I was more odd than they already might think and I felt sure that if they went in a charity bag then no-one would know what to do with them.

I have found their new purpose! They fit on my wrists.

This winter I have felt so cold one way and another but especially so when sitting at the computer next to our front window. After a night of relentless paperwork production my mouse hand has been icy to the touch and not a good companion to take to bed.

I squeezed my hand into the leggie and all became warm in hand world.

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2 Comments to “Reuse/Re-use”

  1. I know someone who would love them!!!! She is a dear friend of mine who is ECing her second baby…that I helped deliver at home!!!!
    If you still want to re home them 😉

  2. They sell similar garments in Toast for £30!

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