Thank goodness I know what day it is.

So far this week I have forgotten it is half term; forgotten my purse when going to do a big shop; forgotten to take my wellies to go on a nature trail in the rain despite remembering the girls’ boots and raincoats; forgotten to arrange a party for Miss Amoo and probably forgotten something else too but I can’t remember what.

I blame BlueDoor for my temporary madness. BlueDoor is encroaching on every fibre of my being. It steals time from sewing, sleeping, peaceful web browsing, reading and stillness. Unfortunately Mr G and I created this beast and must feed it until it is old enough and strong enough to feed us. This may yet be a little while away so I see more temporary madness in my near future. Sorry BlueDoor, we love you but you wear us out.

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2 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. I forget pretty much everything these days and have nothing so important as a business to blame it on. Just the inability to hold more than one thing in my head without getting distracted by something else. I think the word is focus. Or lack of it. Either that or early sinility. Neither it appears is curable.


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