The girls and Greg have gone to his sisters and I’m never really welcome so I stayed at home. It is too quiet. J is out with a friend til it six and El Famosisimo has already set off for work. I am rarely alone in the house and it is weird.

A it is quiet I’ve listened to a vintage Round the Horn tape which I bought for 20p yesterday. My dad loved this programme and listening to it now has “Hello I’m Julian and this is my friend Sandy” and their outrageous double entendres making me laugh out loud. Fantastic wordplay and such sharp wit are not heard much nowadays, more’s the pity.

I’ve been walking around in a coat held together with a safety pin for far too long considering the strength of my sewing skills. yesterday I bought two beautiful buttons and this afternoon in the quiet I have sewn them on.

Shiny black on black fake fur is not easy to capture and there is only so much time I am willing to spend trying to get a picture of a button y’know but I think you can see why I chose them.

Here is the lapel of my coat complete with badges and granny brooch with new button below

Now I am going to read the paper – in quiet


3 Comments to “Quiet”

  1. Aw.. I love buttons. I have a large jar of them, inherited from various elderly relatives. Over the years I’ve added to the jar with orphans from our household’s old clothes. I wonder if other people remove buttons and zips off clothes before getting rid of them? Even the plain and ordinary ones – of which I have loads – give me a ridiculous amount of satisfaction to handle and rattle around and sort into piles. Very childish pleasures.

  2. I take everything off old clothes including any ribbing as that is hard to buy. I call it harvesting!

  3. Ah. I was starting to think it was a symptom of some – as yet undefined – psychological illness.

    But ‘harvesting’ sounds like a good word.

    I think I do far more harvesting than I do sewing…sowing…Hmm…unintentional pun.

    Language. I love it. (and buttons).

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