Money and Food

If you see that what the government provides is a train with all the universal goodies on it and you decide you don’t want to get on, or you want to get off, then it is hard to say that you still want all the goodies on the universal train even though you don’t accept the direction the train is travelling in.

My 16 year old left 6th form because it wasn’t right for him right now. It wasn’t right in the same way that school wasn’t right for Miss Amoo when she was 4 years old. As far as the government is concerned he is NET, not NEET because he does work, but they would prefer him to be learning or training and if he did that we would be collectively almost £80 better off per week. No full-time school means no child benefit and no child tax credit which also means no free prescriptions or free eye tests. I cannot in all honesty say that he is home educated at this point.

Should I have weighed up this financial cost when considering whether I should force him to school and hound him about his work and attendance? Of course I didn’t.

This is social engineering at a very base level. They will pay you EMA if you stay on at school, you will still get free everything if you stay on at school because *they* know best and they know that having him sit A levels and go to university to help them hit our target of 50% participation by 20-whenever is what he ,as a subject of the state is obliged to do. The whole economy will fall to pieces if he doesn’t.

I read that Harriet Harman is working to set us free from the tyranny of individual choice and the prejudices of faith and family. I see this at work and I don’t like it. Apparently providing free schools meals to ALL children in Newham will provide them with a nutritious meal once a day, benefiting both their health and their behaviour. Really? How do they know that the children are poorly nourished? Since when was administering food at lunchtime a behavioural intervention? And should it be considered as such?

Are my children who are home educated also going to be disadvantaged if this rolls out across the country? The government won’t be able to be sure that they have had a nutritious meal if they haven’t been to school.

Where will the insanity end? Answers on a postcard please.

Read here for Harman in The Times
and here for Harman in the Government Equalities Office. Yes they do have one.


2 Comments to “Money and Food”

  1. The temptation is to go poaching on that train of goodies and run back to camp with all the yum yums before they manage to track us down.

    • Yup but if you do that they will catch you and register you for stealing as well as jumping off the train.

      Can you tell I haven’t sewn anything this week???

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