Oh Listen to the Radio

I listen to the radio all day. In the kitchen, upstairs, on the ‘puter and in the car. When Mr G and I first met he didn’t get it but he is now similarly addicted. Our station of choice is Radio 4 but he also listens to Radio Oxford in the car for local gossip.

Today, in the space of five minutes I heard two things that struck me. The first was this:
We don’t understand how the brain works, we can barely write good software and we certainly can’t write software that does what a brain does.

Then this:
They say we are all capable of doing bad things but it takes religion to make good people do bad things.

The first reassured me, the second bothered me and I am still pondering it. I need to listen again to find out what the person who said it was referring to.


One Comment to “Oh Listen to the Radio”

  1. Oh No! Now I’m pondering it too! Look what you’ve done!

    That’s why I listen to local radio instead…I don’t have the brain capacity to actually think about any more things than are already jumbly-crammed in my head.

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