They love them almost as much as they love snipping and ripping paper and leaving it on the floor.

I never had a Barbie. I had a Girls World after the neighbour’s daughters had got fed up tormenting her but I don’t remember even being interested in Barbies.

Our girls are mad for them: they have been on my case to get their own scary, plastic pseudo-women to play with at home for a while now so either they are not like me or they just have more Barbie-loving friends than I did.

In the snowy days after Christmas we went to town on a Barbie hunt and on a swoop of our local ‘favourite shops’ (charity shops) we managed to score 5 Barbies (or maybe they were Sindys or Ariel the Mermaids) and an Action Man for under a fiver. One even had shoes!

“Playing Barbies” is now an official activity in our house, this is new and strange and also leads to both happy play and scratch-your-eyes-out fighting.

Can you tell which doll is dressed in non-shop bought clothing? I had some problems with the fit as I have no experience of Full Bust Adjustments when drafting patterns. I am a AAA cup and I didn’t realise quite how much more fabric I would need to cover Ms B’s ample bosom. The only way to get the dress to fit her was to cut a slit in the back from neck to waist and leave it slashed open. Not the kind of demure look I was hoping for but never mind. At least you can’t see her pants.

And I have so had enough of seeing green paint everywhere. I think the bottle may be empty now.


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