It’s following me

Did you see the moon yesterday afternoon? I was driving with my two and a borrowed other two when we saw the moon rising but not yet illuminated by the sun. It was huge, hanging low in the sky between two bands of slate blue cloud and looking very intriguing. In the time it took to drive a mile or so, the sunlight had caught it and it was bright and shining.

When seeing the moon like this I imagine how travellers of old might have waited for a full moon to make their journeys. The road and the fields are revealed despite the hour and in my mind’s ear I can hear horses galloping carrying dashing young men carrying parcels or wares across counties.

Tonight the full moon is low and bright again. We saw it rise over Port Meadow after a walk along the river. I like the river a lot but one of the things I don’t like is that when you walk alongside it you can’t do anything other than walk back the way you came. The girls were running ahead of us and keen to keep opening gates until we said that we should stop at a large tree. Miss Froo prefers to be contrary when a choice of direction is made but we managed to convince her that if she continued she would eventually arrive back in her favourite park but it could take all night and all day.

My preference for circular journeys or alternative routes home comes from my Dad. With him, it seemed as though we never drove anywhere the same way twice. When we moved to a new town this drove my Mum mad because she couldn’t see how one place was connected to any other because we came at them from so many different directions.

Maybe I am like Miss Froo and like to have the choice to be contrary and follow a different route, not just follow a straight path.

(Can you see that in the tags to the right the words snow and storage are together? That made me smile)


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