The Government Lies

I am a home educator. I am a parent. I am a citizen of this country. I have every right in law to choose how to educate my children.


The Government has decided that our rights are too many and allow us too much freedom. The minions in the Local Authorities who do their bidding misrepresent the law and cause anger and distress to those they serve so very poorly.

The Government has found a man who will lie to the DCSF, another man who will lie to Parliament and Oxfordshire County Council have a man who will lie to parents.

The first man, Graham Badman, lied about how many children who are the subjects of Serious Case Reviews with home education being the only significant factor. He has used this lie to tell the media and the government that home educated children are twice as likely to be abused by their parents than children of parents who send them to school for 6 hours a day.

The second man, Ed Balls, has lied to Parliament saying that “In the vast majority of cases, home-educating parents will want to co-operate fully – this will be very light touch indeed” ignoring the fact that 4127 out of 4717 respondents to the Consultation on HE Registration and Monitoring Proposals shouted a big fat NO to the question “Do you agree that the local authority should have the power to interview the child, alone if this is judged appropriate, or if not in the presence of a trusted person who is not the parent/carer?”

The third man, Roy Howarth, has a habit of calling parents of home educated children and telling them the lie that they *must* accept him visiting them because it is the law. Those who know otherwise are vocal in their rebuttals but those who are new to HE and have not yet found their feet nor yet unschooled themselves, end up agreeing to a visit and many spend a sleepless night beforehand worrying about what he might think of them.

These are the lies that affect me personally because if MPs believe the lies of the first two characters then the third will no longer be deceiving parents when he trots out his lines about the law.

The other lie that makes me so mad is somewhat less personal but pains me still is that of the threat of WMD from Iraq. Friday will see the ex-Prime Minister wheedle his way around the Chilcot Enquiry questions and absolve himself of responsibility for this lie.

MPs lie about who owns the house they are claiming expenses for, they lie about their mortgages, their cars, their employees.

Is there no end to the lying?

Home educators have stood up for their rights many times in the last year and done all we can to reveal the lies.

In London

In Oxford and in many other towns right across the country

The Public Bill Committee is now debating the Children’s Schools and Families Bill which proposes a fundamental shift in responsibility for the welfare and education of our children from parents to Government.
Why should home educators accept a law built on the lies of men paid to lie?


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