Bombay Sapphire

Mr Green and I love this stuff. We thought we were the only ones until I went to my cousin’s wedding last year. He was a Royal Fusilier based at the Tower of London and married his sweetheart there. After the ceremony we went to a bar overlooking St Katherine’s Dock the assembled party of mainly other Fusiliers dressed in uniforms and bearing swords and their partners drank the place dry of Bombay Sapphire. The poor guy at the bar told me he thought that 18 litres would be enough.

All but two of the guys were due to set off back to Afghanistan the next week and one of them came back home far too soon after being badly injured by an IED which blew him out of his tank.

I always thought that the war was far away but sadly it is much closer to home to many of us than it should be. I just listened to Weekend Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 Listen again and heard the widow of a bomb disposal expert talking about their life together and her loss. I am so glad that I have my husband next to me in bed every night and that I don’t have to wonder who is going to try to kill him today; glad also that I don’t have to worry about my children’s safety and where I am going to buy food from or how I am going to be able to keep day to day life as normal as I can.

My thoughts are with mums everywhere tonight who are trying to keep their families safe in places where things are very hard right now.


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