I think about sewing a lot…..

I am pretty nocturnal and have been since I was small. Ordinary life doesn’t really fit my rhythm but at times when I do end up in bed at a more ‘normal’ hour I tend to spend a good hour or more awake, thinking.

This is not all bad because here is not really much time for peaceful thinking in our house during the day and my thoughts at night are almost exclusively sewing thoughts. I plan garments, play about with construction ideas, think about re-cycling this into that and sometimes I also think about where to move furniture around next day which drives Mr Green nuts.

One thing I have had in mind for a few days has been a woven table mat made from strips of old trousers which I found yesterday in another purge of the bedroom. These were denim-lite with lycra which were very comfy but they wear thin a lot quicker than real denim. I want to get a frayed look on it eventually so I planned the binding to fray as well and figured out how to pre-sew the mitred corners when I was nearly asleep the other night.

Here it is: functional and a bit wiggly round the edges, cut and sewn whilst watching and listening to Tim Minchin live on tv…. don’t click on his other links if you have kids in the room or if you are of a nervous political disposition…..

Are you like me? Do you think about sewing more than you sew?


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