Winter Chill

It started snowing on Tuesday afternoon and I have never seen so much snow in my life. I’m a southerner and when it snows on the coast it barely sticks and is quickly shooed away by the salty winds.

All the hebes in our front garden were hidden,

My veg patch disappeared,

the main road was hard to distinguish from the path and everywhere was still and quiet.

This massive snowball started life as the bottom of a snowman on Thursday, grew bigger and moved along the road on Friday

and by Saturday had been re-purposed by one of my sons and his friends into a little hidey hole. Those zebra bits on the end of her arms are quick mama-made fleece mittens

What is amazing to me is that away from the roads the snow is light and fluffy unlike snow we have had here before. Days after it fell it could still be kicked and shuffled through almost like sand which the girls loved because they could fall into it face down and not get too wet.

They are now big fans of waterproof trousers despite them being blue not pink or red and I have worn more clothes at once than I ever have. They say there is no reason why warfarin should make you feel cold but I am feeling the cold more keenly than I ever have before.

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