Knitting and listening; painting and eating.

My girls love painting and Amelia is experimenting with techniques like blowing paint with straws

They create amid this mess

We have just finished dinner and the plates are cleared but for some reason the pot always stays on the table.

One of the things I love about home education is that there is no fixed time of day for doing anything. If they want to paint at 8pm that is ok. When Amelia first left school she painted or drew something before she had even had breakfast. She doesn’t still do it quite so predictably but the urge to paint or draw has not left her.

I knitted two matching booties! The first one was finished whilst listening to Holby City on BBCiPlayer at midnight and I even unravelled the whole ball of wool managed to find the place in the ball of wool where the colours came out in the same sequence as they did in the first bootie. The second one was finished while listening to Dani’s House and The Worst Witch on the sofa with the girls on Wednesday afternoon.

Tiny things for tiny people set my dh off on how another baby would be lovely so I got them out of the house quickly. They have been safely delivered now and I haven’t had the camera at home for days so no pictures.

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2 Comments to “Knitting and listening; painting and eating.”

  1. Hello! Just found you through someone else’s blog from the Oxon HE group.
    Glad its not only us that creates amongst the chaos of a cluttered table/floor/room/house!!!!!
    My youngest son also paints before, during or just after breakfast!

    • We bought a bottle of green paint from Orinoco to paint our paper tree at Christmas and had a lot left over so there has been a lot of green artwork lately. I am eternally grateful for a wipe clean tablecloth and hard floors!

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