Knitting and talking

I’m am a fake knitter. I can knit a bit: small things with not too complicated stitch patterns. I’m not a knitting aficionado either as you can see from the non-bamboo needles bought from a charity shop for 10p a pair. I have to look at what I am doing and I can’t really talk at the same time. Which is why I only managed to knit a few rows of what will be some booties for a friend’s new baby.

I was at our fortnightly Home Ed Social Evening which my kids call “Mum going to the pub”. It is at a pub and we drink J2O or Coke or Becks Blue and eat crisps without having to share them with any children. We also talk about things without being interrupted by children which is sometimes needed when you spend all day with them.

So what with all the talking I couldn’t really knit much but at least its a start. The last time I used this pattern I had to knit five booties to get a pair! Wish me luck!


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